King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo Review

The monster is me and I am the monster.

This book was AMAZING! Bardugo has certainly outdone herself on this one. However, there are two things that I must say to readers going into this book…

Stars: 5

Genre: Fantasy

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Dreadnought by April Daniels Review

I see a world that is terrified of me. Terrified of someone who would reject manhood. Terrified of a girl who knows who she is and what she’s capable of. They are small, and they are weak, and they will not hurt me ever again.

Looking for a refreshing and exciting read to spice up the winter during this arctic blast (in the United States, at least!)? Look no further than Dreadnought, this first in a series by April Daniels. I have never, ever, seen this book around on book blogs, booktube, or bookstagram… and it deserves to be hyped. This is a title from 2017, yet is even more relevant in 2019, two years later. Wait–it’s 2019 already? Read on to see why you should read this book!

Stars: 4

Genre: Sci-Fi/Contemporary/Fantasy/Superheroes

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Re-thinking Reviews: Girls of Paper and Fire

As one of the first book-related posts on this blog, I wrote a review of an ARC I had for Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan (read it here). I loved it, I wrote. But now… I’m not so sure. Even at the time, I was a bit underwhelmed by the story and characters. I think I just didn’t want to admit it because the book had superb representation–and the cover was pretty. Here, I will review this book again, with how I really feel.

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The 5 Essentials I Can’t Travel Without!

In honor of my upcoming trip to Mexico!


Travelling can be super fun but it can also turn into a nightmare really fast if you don’t do it right. These are somethings I’ve picked up that are sure to put a positive spin on your travels!

Reading material- Always carry something to read while travelling because it can get super boring. If you want to see the scenery or something that’s fine but if you’re flying or aren’t super interested in the scenery I would suggest definitely bringing along something to read.

Image result for reading gifMakeup- To see the full list of makeup items I travel with click here. I usually travel with at least some makeup items because travelling can really take it out of you and you might end up looking exhausted so having a couple of makeup items can help you look fresh and awake even after a long journey.

Image result for travel makeup gifAn extra pair of clothing- Just in case…

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The Wicked King e-ARC Review

You must be strong enough to strike and strike and strike again without tiring.

The first lesson is to make yourself strong.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers for The Cruel Prince!

And at last, the long-anticipated sequel to Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince is here! My friend somehow got an e-ARC of this book before it was released, but I only received it a day before it came out, so I finished reading it yesterday (1/8), one day after the release date. But do I care? NO! It was an amazing, heart-stopping story and I just can’t get enough of Jude and Cardan. I know I keep giving books five stars but I’m reading so many good books right now! I can’t help myself.

Stars: 5

Genre: Fantasy

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Sadie by Courtney Summers Audiobook Review

And it begins, as so many stories do, with a dead girl.

This book deserves the hype it got when it came out last summer in 2018. Here I am, still not having read it, and when I finally do, it’s the middle of winter! So I can’t relate to the summer heat described in the book. But did that matter? The story blew me away, especially with the full cast audiobook narrations. Kudos to everyone involved in making Sadie happen!

Stars: 5

Genre: Contemporary

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Grain & Nut Free Granola (paleo, AIP, vegan)

You may wonder what the title of this post might mean. Grain-free granola? “Grain” is the in the name! No nuts, either? So what’s in it? You’re about to find out the ultimate allergen-free recipe for granola, so buckle your seatbelt and prepare to be mind-blown! (Ok, that was cheesy, but it had to be done.)

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